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Machine-shop equipped with Top-end machines of world renowned brands

Machines Size
Vertical Machining Centre 9 (s) x up to 1800mm
up to 800mm
z up to 800mm
CNC Turning Centre 9 (s) Ø up to 330mm
Length up to 500mm
Centre Lathe (s) Ø up to 500mm
Length up to 925mm
Universal Milling Machine (s) with DRO x up to 820mm
y up to 400mm
z up to 400mm
Pillar Drilling, Tapping Machines(s) & Multi-spindle Drilling Machine (s) Drill Ø up to 25mm
RPM up to 1600mm
Precision Lathe (s) Min. Ø 0.5mm
Turning Length up to 250mm
Surface Grinder (s) x up to 600mm
y up to 300mm
z up to 400mm
Cylindrical Grinder (s) Max. Grinding Ø - 100mm
Max. Grinding Length - 400mm
Accuracy - 5
Vertical Turrent Lathe (s) Ø up to 800mm
Height up to 300mm
Internal Grinder with Face Grinding OD up to 800mm
iD up to 200mm
Length up to 300mm
Table Type Horizontal Boring Machine x up to 1940mm
up to 1250mm
z up to 1490mm
Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
  • DMG
  • Deckle Maho
  • Schaublin
  • Aciera
  • Mikron
  • Myford
  • WMW
  • Schiess
  • Wotan
  • Vomard