Principles of science & technology stem from animal world

The silent flight of OWLS and, especially, the special adaptations of the OWL WINGS and FEATHERS that are held responsible for the LOW NOISE generation, serve as a MOTIVATION for engineers and researchers across the globe. A study, among others, to this effect was first conducted by a professor, DR E MASCHA, at a university in Prague, Czech Republic, in 1904. This phenomenon has also been put to test in a room equipped with MULTIPLE MICROPHONES. On the other hand, a WHO report in the year 2011 came to the conclusion that ENVIRONMENTAL NOISE from planes, trains and vehicles causes stress in a human body, which gradually takes a toll on its HEALTH.

Keeping both in mind, the company takes its cue from hushed flight of owls and strives to keep noise pollution on its industrial premises on a tight leash, thereby reducing stress levels in its workforce and enhancing its productivity, and at the same time top-of-the-line products manufactured by it also emit as much lower noise as possible. A lesson well learnt from the animal kingdom.